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ntellectual_property_vietnamA&S Law is the reputed IP firm in Vietnam with associates in more than 62 countries. Through our international association, the law firm’s lawyers have enhanced the experience to represent clients efficiently and cost-effectively globally. We provide a full range of IP services to various Vietnam and International leading enterprises in terms of domestic and international registration of IP matters.

Presently, A&S LAW has been heading the way in offering a comprehensive range of IP services and strategic advice to our clients. The firm always makes difference in handling, analyzing IP matters not only in the initial point but also until the end. A&S LAW acknowledges that clients expect us not only to advise them on the legal aspects of their IP rights, but also to understand nature of their industry and commercial objectives. Therefore, the law firm committees to accompany them during their operation from the start establishment to development.

To guarantee the quality and professionals provided by A&S’s lawyers, our IP lawyers are divided into separate specialized divisions including:

+ Trademark attorneys:

-          Trademark in Vietnam

-          International trademark

-          Regulatory Advice Pharmaceuticals & Functional Foods

+ Patent attorneys:

-          Patents in Vietnam

-          International patent

+  Design attorneys:

-          Design in Vietnam

-          International design

+ Copyright attorneys:

-          Copyright in Vietnam

+ IP enforcement handling the following issues:

-          Trademark infringement in Vietnam including anti-counterfeiting

-          Trademark watching in Vietnam

-          Design infringement in Vietnam

-          Patent infringement in Vietnam

-          Copyright infringement in Vietnam

+ Information search services:

-          Advanced Patent Analysis and Searching

-          Advanced Trademark Analysis and Searching

+ Plant variety:

-          Actually, the field is not quite developed in Vietnam.

+ IP portfolio management consultants:

-          Renew trademark in Vietnam

-          International Renewal trademark

-          Patent annuity in Vietnam

-          Patent annuity in other countries

-          Renew design in Vietnam

-          Renew design in other countries

-          Record the change of trademark certificate, patent and design in Vietnam

-          Record the change of trademark certificate, patent and design in other countries

-          Trademark assignment, patent assignment, and design assignment

Some Highlighted Issues Handled By A&S LAW

  • Acting for a well-known American enterprise in the field of pharmaceutical products against a Vietnamese company due to bad faith. 
  • Acting for a reputed United Kingdom to against a Vietnamese company for infringing their trademark rights in Vietnam.
  • Claiming back an American company’s well known trademark in Vietnam. The trademark was registered by an individual in Vietnam.
  • Advising a famous Indian company on launching new pharmaceutical products in Vietnam in compliance with Vietnam law. A&S LAW also provides the firm full trademark analyzing services in Vietnam.
  • Advising a major Japanese stationery company on handling infringement to their industrial design in Vietnam.
  • Registering more than 100 trademarks and 20 patents for a famous South Korea company.
  • Filing 05 patents of a Korean Company in the field of construction in Laos, and Cambodia.
  • Registering trademarks for a Vietnamese famous company in the field of textile in 43 countries in the world. This is one of the top 500 enterprises in Vietnam.
  • Advising a major internet contents Japanese provider on setting up a music website based in Vietnam and other related copyright issues.
  • Filing patent for a Vietnamese company based in Ho Chi Minh in NOIP, PCT, and Middle Countries.
  • Advising a major entertainment Singaporean company on selling their copyright in Vietnam and other Southern East countries.
  • Acting for a well-known Taiwanese electronic manufacturer in Vietnam relating to a major counterfeit production of their products.
  • Acting for a Singaporean prestigious company in canceling a trademark assignment between their company and one Vietnamese partner.

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