Litigation and dispute resolution

litigation-and-dispute-resolutionLitigation and dispute resolution is the main division of A&S LAW with experienced lawyers and consultancies. The law firm provides the full services to international clients and domestic ones relating to litigation and dispute, arbitration, and mediation cases in Vietnam. The team of this division is always consulted by experts in the fields which have dispute. The legal experts include professors, doctors in famous universities, institution and our specialized lawyers in other divisions. The law firm also advises clients on pre-litigation and strategic know how to ensure their rights and benefits as well as to reduce any possible legal risk.

Clients use A&S LAW’s service of Litigation and dispute resolution

+ International organizations

+ NGOs

+ Bank & financial organizations

+ State agents

+ Local companies

+ Small and medium enterprises

+ Individuals

 Services provided by A&S LAW

  • Civil law
  • Banking and Trade Finance
  • Commercial dispute
  • Contract Dispute of construction
  • Arbitration
  • Labor law in Vietnam
  • Insurance
  • International trade disputes
  • Joint venture/franchise disputes
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Investment disputes between founders/shareholders
  • Family disputes
  • Property related litigation
  • Regulatory investigation and prosecution
  • Tax

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