Legal advice of M&A in Vietnam

m_n_a_serviceRecently, M&A is strongly developing in Vietnam. A&S LAW is proud to be one of factors contributing to such development. Right from the initial time of establishing the law firm, M&A is considered as our professional division. The division attracts high experienced lawyers and practical, innovative consultancies to work in.

  We advise on M&A between local companies, local companies and foreign companies, 100% foreign invested company and foreign companies.

Why choose A&S LAW form legal advice of M&A in Vietnam?

The law firm’s team is proved to deal with complicated transaction. In addition, our Vietnamese lawyers graduated from the countries with common and civil law have comprehensive understanding systems of multinational organizations originated from one of these above mentioned legal systems. Our clients evaluate the law firm’s advice on M&A in Vietnam concisely, punctually on all legal aspects of civil law and commercial law.


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